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Renee Brekke

7th Grade Science

Course Description:
Science students will begin the year by studying the “big picture” of life. Studying ecology in the fall allows us to have opportunities in our great outdoors and fabulous fall weather.  After that, we “get small” and learn about how life is all put together with cells and cell processes. We will build from there to genetics, adaptations, kingdoms of life and the human body.

A primary goal this year will be to develop scientific thinking skills and practices such as observations, inquiry, and experimentation. Students will participate in numerous activities and laboratory experiments. 

You will be expected to participate during in-class assignments, study vocabulary and concepts, and complete projects on your own time and/or during Student Access time.

Class Materials:

  • A positive attitude
  • A science 2-pocket folder
  • A science journal (composition notebook)
  • Pencil

Classroom Expectations:

  • I expect students to: Give Respect, Make Good Choices, and Stay Safe
  • I will expect you to TRY, THINK and PARTICIPATE every day. Result: you will learn!
  • You can expect me to be prepared every day and to establish an environment that contributes to learning.
  • Specific rules and procedures will be covered in class; copies will be given to students.

Grading Policies:

Re-Takes may be completed on assignments only, at teacher discretion.  No test re-takes will be offered.

Students will have 1 make-up day for every day absent (see planner for details).
Additional instructions will be provided by the teacher on an individual basis.

Students missing school for athletics will NOT have extra time for make-ups (see planner for details).  

Students will receive a zero and a "missing" comment for assignments not turned in by the due date.

Work habits and citizenship grades will be based off students participation and attitude in class.  Both grades will be entered at least every 2 weeks.

Who is Mrs. Brekke?

I am excited to start my fourth year at Gunnison Middle School! I began my teaching career in 2001.  Over the past 16 years I have had the opportunity to teach a variety of grades and subjects but middle school science is my favorite!  I love watching our students get excited about the natural world.

My husband, Hank, teaches at Western in Recreation and Outdoor Education and Environmental Studies.   We have three children Luke (6th grade), and twins June and Jake (4th grade).  In my time away from school I love to be with my friends and family, spend time being active in the outdoors, and travel.

I have a deep appreciation for the kinds of issues that may arise for students during their middle school years. Please feel free to communicate with me about your needs or other situations that may affect your performance in school.  I welcome communication from you and your parents/guardians in person or at the number or email listed above.

I love to teach and watch students get excited about science! Getting to know my students is very important to me. I have high expectations for my students and believe everyone can succeed if we work together. Let’s have a great year!

Course Outline

I.  Unit One: Nature of Science and Ecology

            A. Introduction to Life Science

            B. The Nature of Science: Scientific Method

            C. Ecology

II. Unit Two: Cells

            A. Molecules of Life

            B. Cells

            C. Cell Processes

III. Unit Three: Genetics

            A. Genetics and the Science of Heredity

            B. Modern Genetics

IV. Unit Four: The Kingdoms of Life

            A. Bacteria and Viruses

            B. Protista

            C. Fungi

D. Plants

            E. Animals

V. Unit Five: The Human Body

            A. 11 Body Systems





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