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8th Grade Language Arts


ENGLISH 8     

8th grade English is a combined study of writing, reading, grammar and vocabulary.  The standards will be achieved through the following units:  Self Discovery, American Biographies, Harlem Renaissance and Poetry, short text (stories, news text, essays, poems, and speeches), various novels.   Students will be involved in the writing process and working towards mastery of summary, analytical essay, literature response with support from text, expository essay, and poetry.  The focus of writing instruction will be to increase the level of sophistication in written work through improved sentence structure, higher level vocabulary, and supporting personal claims and opinions with evidence from the text.  Students will also be introduced to MLA format and required to use it in all written work.  Some of the units will be collaboratively planned with Social Studies and other content areas.

Socratic Seminar and dialogue will be a major focus in the 8th grade.  Seminars will be done primarily in conjunction with Mr. Murtaugh’s Social Studies classes.  Students will be expected to participate through individual think sheets, partner/small group dialogue, whole group discussion and reflective writing post seminar.

Intermittent grammar will be implemented through “Grammar Bomb” lessons.  During these times, applicable and relevant grammar rules, guidance and assessment will take place once the foam grammar bomb is dropped on the floor as a visual signal to students that a Grammar Bomb lesson has just dropped into their class.  Reference points from all lessons will be hung from the ceiling for reminders and reference to/for students.  Grammar bomb lesson concepts will be a focal point for formal assessment of student’s Convention skills within written work.  




Short Stories/Short Texts/Misc…


Research (N.F.)

Subject to change...



*The Outsiders

*Tom Sawyer

*Ab Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

*Tom Sawyer

*Esperanza Rising

*The Four Agreements

*The Alchemist

*Touching Spirit Bear

*Thank You Ma’am


*Short Cut

*Biderbiks Don’t Cry

*Crow Call

*Great Expectations

*Gettysburg Address

*MLK Speech

*Obama Speech

*Ain’t I a Woman

*Two Letters from Slaves

*Time Magazine-American Dream

*American Poets

*Paul Revere’s Ride

*Harlem Renaissance

*Langston Hughes

*Walt Whitman

*American Biographies


*Civil War

*60’s research


Grading Policy

Gunnison Middle School - 2017/2018

Percentage Grades

A+ 100 - 97.5%

A 97.4 - 92.5%

A- 92.4 - 89.5%

B+ 89.4 - 87.5%

B 87.4 - 82.5%

B- 82.4 - 79.5%

C+ 79.4 -77.5%

C 77.4 - 72.5%

C- 72.4 - 69.5%

D+ 69.4 - 67.5%

D 67.4 -62.5%

D- 62.4-59.5%

F 59.4% & below

Guidelines and Practices

  1. It is the teacher’s discretion to allow corrections and re-dos.

  2. It is the teacher’s discretion to set deadlines for work turned in. (Be it a week after the due date, by the end of the unit, etc.)

  3. Put a ZERO in right away if no work is turned in on due date.

  4. Students that correct assignments can only earn a B on assignments.  

  5. Tests are only taken once.

Work Habits and Citizenship

We use the labels, EXM, PRO, PP, and NE, so at a glance students, parents and teachers can discern the difference between academic grades and WH/CIT when looking at or entering grades.

EXM (exemplary) = 95% equivalent to an A (No one is 100%),

PRO (proficient) = 80%, equivalent to a B-

PP(partially proficient) = 60% Passing at a D

NE (not evident ) = 50% Failing

Work Habits: Be prepared, Be productive, Be prompt (this includes on time to class and with assignments)

EXM – Always prepared for class, uses class time productively, no late and or missing assignments, on time to class.

PRO – Usually prepared for class, uses class time productively, few late and/or missing assignments, mostly in time to class.

PP - Frequently unprepared, does not use class time productively, significant late and/or missing assignments, frequently late to class.

NE – Unprepared, unproductive, excessive late and /or missing assignments or tardiness to class.

Citizenship: Be positive, Be cooperative, Be respectful

EXM - Outstanding citizenship/leadership, always polite and cooperative

PRO - Good citizenship/some leadership, usually polite and cooperative

PP – Needs improvement on citizenship, leadership, and/or cooperation

NE – Frequently disrupts class, often impolite, or uncooperative

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