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6th Grade Math

6th Grade Math Syllabus

Teacher:  Mrs. Karen Alton

Contact: Room A111, kalton@gunnisonschools.net, (970)641-7710 ex. 4102

Welcome to GMS and 6th grade math!  I believe that every child can enjoy working with mathematics and learn skills that will develop their logical reasoning.  Math is like playing a musical instrument.  It takes time, patience, repetition, personal interest, devotion, and a positive attitude.  

Classroom Goals:  By the end of the year students will:       

1.      Enjoy thinking about mathematics.

2.      Problem solve using critical thinking skills.

3.      Persevere when working through challenging problems.

4.      Participate in mathematical discussions.

6th Grade Math Concepts from Open Up Curriculum:

1.   Area and Surface Area

2, Introducing Ratios

3. Unit Rates and Percentages

4. Dividing Fractions

5. Arithmetic in Base Ten

6. Expressions and Equations

7. Rational Numbers

8. Data Sets and Distributions

9. Putting it all together   

In our classroom I will:

  • Think Positively

  • Learn Actively

  • Be Myself

  • Smile Often

  • Work Hard

  • Shine Bright

  • Dream Big

  • Enjoy Myself

Guidelines for Success:

1.      Come to class prepared every day.  This means bringing your workbook, spiral, and pencil every day.

2.      Be prepared to participate, show self-control, and learn.  Good attendance is vital.

3.      Be nice at all times and respectful of others and materials.

4.    Get help when needed.

  • Individual rules and guidelines will be discussed and agreed upon by the class during the first week of school.

Classroom Rules:  GMS

        G:  Give Respect-Be Positive, Be Productive

        M:  Make Good Choices-Be Cooperative, Be Prepared

        S:   Stay Safe-Be Prompt, Be Present

Daily Activities:

Bell Work

Instructional Time

Practice of Skills

Cool Down


It is our classroom goal for all students to earn an A or a B.  Students should be allowed multiple opportunities to demonstrate that they understand the standard.

All graded assignments will either be a major or a minor grade.  Major grades will be assignments such as tests, projects, presentations and count for more points. Minor grades will be classroom assignments,bellwork, quizzes, etc. and will count for less points.  Students will be encouraged to do corrections and re-dos for any grade less than a B on most assignments.  The corrections can bring the student’s grade up to an 85% if turned in by the posted due date.  Students can earn an A on the first attempt.  

Academic Grades  reflect student knowledge of mathematical concepts and are based on a percentage grade.

Percentage Grades

A+ 100 - 97.5%

A 97.4 - 92.5%

A- 92.4 - 89.5%

B+ 89.4 - 87.5%

B 87.4 - 82.5%

B- 82.4 - 79.5%

C+ 79.4 -77.5%

C 77.4 - 72.5%

C- 72.4 - 69.5%

D+ 69.4 - 67.5%

D 67.4 -62.5%

D- 62.4-59.5%

F 59.4 or below

Work Habits and Citizenship Grades

Non-academic factors such as behavior should be documented separately.

We use the labels, EXM, PRO, PP, and NE, so at a glance students, parents and teachers can discern the difference between academic grades and WH/CIT when looking at grades.

EXM (exemplary) = 95% equivalent to an A (No one is 100%),

PRO (proficient) = 80%, equivalent to a B-

PP(partially proficient) = 60% Passing at a D

NE (not evident ) = 50% Failing

Work Habits: Be prepared, Be productive, Be prompt (this includes on time to class and with assignments)

EXM – Always prepared for class, uses class time productively, no late and or missing

assignments, on time to class.

PRO – Usually prepared for class, uses class time productively, few late and/or missing

assignments, mostly in time to class.

PP - Frequently unprepared, does not use class time productively, significant late and/or

missing assignments, frequently late to class.

NE – Unprepared, unproductive, excessive late and /or missing assignments or tardiness to class.

Citizenship: Be positive, Be cooperative, Be respectful

EXM - Outstanding citizenship/leadership, always polite and cooperative

PRO - Good citizenship/some leadership, usually polite and cooperative

PP – Needs improvement on citizenship, leadership, and/or cooperation

NE – Frequently disrupts class, often impolite, or uncooperative

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